Thief stole bike used in cyclist’s funeral procession from outside the church

A heartless thief stole a bike that was being used during a cyclist’s funeral procession from a church as mourners paid their respects inside.

Daniel Burgess’ coffin was flanked by eight of his closest friends as he made his final poignant journey around Bournemouth, Dorset, last Friday.

After the procession ended, they left their bikes outside Corpus Christi Church and went inside.

But they were shocked to discover one of the bikes was snatched during the 90 minute service. The NHS worker’s distraught widow Amy Burgess, a neonatal nurse, is now asking for anyone with information on the bike’s whereabouts to come forward.

She said: ‘The bike was stolen from outside Corpus Christi church, on Friday at some point between 12pm and 1.30pm during my husband’s funeral.

‘It is our friend’s bike and was one of eight used to ride alongside the hearse on the final part of the journey to the church. There was only room for four of the bikes inside so the other four were rested up outside.

‘There were people out there the whole time, except when the funeral staff had to come in to carry the coffin out.

‘That is when it must have been taken so it could be that someone was watching to see when they were left unattended.

‘I am so angry that someone would take this knowing there was a funeral going on inside. It’s a very low thing to do.’

The brazen thief pounced while the funeral cars lay parked up outside and the church doors wide open, Mrs Burgess added.

She appealed for the public’s help after the church confirmed its CCTV didn’t spot the theft.

Following Daniel’s death, his friends set up a crowdfunding page in his memory to raise money for mental health charity ‘Mind’.

The page initially hoped to raise around £250 but that figure has since skyrocketed to £3,400.