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The Epic Games Store is giving away Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate this week

AC: Syndicate is certainly an improvement over the much-maligned AC: Unity. And while it pales in comparison to Origins and Odyssey, exploring Victorian London can be fun, as you lead your gang and fight to grow your influence. Syndicate is $29.99 on Steam, where it has a ‘Very Positive’ rating, so it’s definitely worth grabbing […]

Former Amazon executive says he switches off Alexa for “private moments”

Robert Fredrick, who was once a manager at Amazon Web Services, told the BBC’s Panorama program that he always turns off his Alexa speaker when discussing anything private or sensitive. “I don’t want certain conversations to be heard by humans,” he said. “Conversations that I know for a fact are not things that should be […]

Apple warns of worldwide iPhone shortages due to coronavirus disruption

Renowned Apple analysts Ming-Chi Kuo earlier this month slashed his first-quarter iPhone shipment forecast by 10 percent due to disruption caused by the coronavirus outbreak in China, where most of the company’s products are manufactured. And while Apple says work has resumed in the country, it’s “experiencing a slower return to normal conditions” than expected. […]

Windows 10 Your Phone app to support RCS messaging from your computer

Rich Communication Services (RCS) is supposed to replace the outdated SMS with one that’s similar to internet-based messaging services like iMessage or WhatsApp. Google was even able to finish rolling out RCS in the United States via the Android Messages application. However, it seems that Microsoft is adding RCS support to Your Phone, the built-in […]

Mysterious repeating deep space signals ‘may have been produced by aliens’

Earlier this month astronomers found strange repeating signals emanating from deep space. Now a top astronomer has said there’s a possibility they were produced by an alien civilisation. The transmissions are called fast radio bursts and are similar to other signals which have been spotted before. But the recent burst is believed to be the […]

Scottish researchers working on drugs which could reverse the effects of MS

Scottish researchers have launched a bid to develop drugs which could reverse the damage caused by multiple sclerosis. Pheno Therapeutics has secured more than £5 million of funding to search for new drugs to repair damage to the nervous system and improve symptoms that include problems with balance, speech, vision and movement. University of Edinburgh […]

Amazon founder launches $10 billion Bezos Earth Fund to fight climate change

Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos this week announced the launch of a global initiative to help fight the devastating impact of climate change on Earth. The Bezos Earth Fund will empower scientists, activists and non-governmental organizations to both amplify know methods and explore new ways to combat what is described by some as the […]